Sherwood Castle Holiday Forest is located within what is arguably the most famous forest In England with a long and interesting history. Around the time of a certain ‘Robin Hood’ c.1200 the forest covered about 100,000 acres, which was a fifth of the entire county of Nottinghamshire! Although smaller today there are large managed areas open to the public to visit.

‘Sherwood’ originally meant ‘the woodland belonging to the shire’ and was popular with many Norman kings, particularly King John. It became a Royal hunting forest subject to strict laws to protect timber and game that were severely enforced by the Crown. The most famous outlaw of legend to break these laws was of course Robin Hood.

We are mindful and proud of this historical setting and are committed to maintaining and conserving the wonderful natural environment. For instance, over the last 15 years we have planted in excess of 4,000 trees forming new mixed woodland that will benefit future visitors.

The Park itself is formed on a hillside within woodland that is a mix of silver birch, oak, and willow with rhododendron and other plant life. Tracks through the trees allow you to get up close to enjoy the flora and fauna. We encourage wildlife and there is an abundance of small animals and birds to look out for and enjoy!

All of our lodges have been constructed from sustainable sources that are of solid Finnish pine that ‘blend in’ with the environment (not timber cloaked caravans). Most of the lodges are tucked in to the woodland but we have several around the lake. When darkness falls each lodge feels secluded allowing you to commune with the natural environment!

There is much to do both on the Park and in the locality. So come to relax but also to explore. Our aim at is to provide a stress free environment that is safe and allows everyone to leave feeling refreshed!