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Around the Park


What to do in the grounds

The park is set over 40 acres of natural woodland on a hill. 

In the grounds you can:

  • Barbecue by your lodge
  • Find a spot for a picnic
  • Stroll though the woods
  • Cycle on tracks
  • 5-a-side football
  • Play crazy golf
  • Play disc golf (frisbee)
  • Try Go Quest or Orienteering
  • Stroll over to view our pygmy goat herd, chickens and lambs


The woodland is a mix of silver birch, oak, and willow with rhododendron and other plant life.

Tracks through the trees allow you to get up close to enjoy the flora and fauna.

We encourage wildlife and there is an abundance of small animals and birds to look out for and enjoy!




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