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Sherwood Castle Ltd
Rufford Lane
Notts. NG22 9DG

Tel: 01623 824400


In partnership with Hoseasons we are launching
'Go Active Breaks' at Sherwood Castle. 

We have selected a range of fantastic activities to enhance your holiday fun.

Why not try out something new, or run a competition with friends? Go home with some memorable moments.

WaterwalkerzBodyzorbsArchery & CrossbowsDisc golf

Fencing Snorkelling & Seascooters

Great exercise - Great Fun

Our friendly activity instructors, John & Konor, will show you how to get the best out of the latest professional equipment.  The activities range from those that are simply great fun to the physically exhilarating.

 WaterwalkerzWalk  on water!

Walk on water inside an inflatable ball.

Try being a Human Hamster Ball on Water (and you don't even get wet!)

See if you can stay upright longer than your friends

 Bodyzorbs Battle and bounce in safety

Slide into a harness in the middle of an inflatable ball  and safely roll, fall, headstand, battle or bounce without risk of injury.

Great exercise, energetic and hugely entertaining!

 Archery Everyone can learn archery
Pick up a bow and try for a bull’s-eye on one of the target bosses at our new archery centre. 

Try out Quicks professional competition or trainer bows.

 Crossbows Petron crossbow

Feel the power of a crossbow - try out a Petron Target crossbow firing at the targets.

Snorkelling  Snorkelling - diving for sticks


Learn snorkelling and dive for fish and hoops.

Seascooters  Power down to the booom of the pool


Once you can snorkel, let the seascooter power you down to the bottom of the pool.

The seascooter lets you dive effortlessly,  which means you can stay down longer and go deeper.

 Fencing Learn to fence


Put on your jacket, mask and gloves, pick up your foil and take part in fencing using kit from Leo Paul,  a supplier to Team GB for 2012 Olympics.

 Disc1golfAmazing fun

Get the disc into a target cage in as few throws as possible.

The object of the game is to complete a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc


To view our timetable & prices >> Click here


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