Swimming Pool



Our pool is available free for general swimming to guests staying on the Park.  It is open on all days in the afternoon and early evening, and additionally on weekend mornings.

On some weekday mornings, the swimming pool can be hired for your own private use. Ask at reception.

Around mid-day we run sessions of:

  • Waterwalkerz   
  • Snorkelling & seascooters

The sea scooters we use are the Seadoo model which is a snorkeler’s dream; it can pull you along or ‘dive’ you down to the bottom of the pool to collect hoops and rings, dropped by your activity instructor.

The waterwalkerz are great fun; see how long you can stay standing up in the ball on the water!

For reason of your safety, we ask all users of the pool to precisely follow the pool user disclaimer and rules, as well as any instructions given by your activity instructor or receptionist.



Relax and Have fun!

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