standard-title For Celebrations

For Celebrations

  • Enjoy time together!

    Enjoy time together!

  • Share a bottle!

    Share a bottle!

  • Relax together

    Relax together

We have the lodge for your celebration; whether a quiet event, or with family and friends.

Whatever your style, we have the lodge for you

  • Neighbouring: ideal for a group that want to be located close together; either in the woodland or around the lake. 
  • Private: including our newly refurbished Friar Tuck lodge.
  • Pet friendly: remember your best pal; your trusty dog.


All our upgraded lodges have ceiling speakers so you can play your choice of relaxing music direct from your mobile phone. Simply plug the cable from the cabin amplifier (by the TV) into the headphone socket, or select bluetooth.


Relax – Have Fun

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