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For Families

  • Don't forget your bike!

    Don't forget your bike!

  • Have a Go at Archery

    Have a Go at Archery

  • Bounce around in a Body Zorb

    Bounce around in a Body Zorb

  • Try a Waterwalkerz ball?

    Try a Waterwalkerz ball?

  • Stroll through the woods

    Stroll through the woods

  • Find a quiet spot

    Find a quiet spot

We want families and friends to have fun and a relaxing stay

Your choice: Take it easy, or Go Active with your friends and family! 

  • Stroll through the woods
  • Go Active in the hall, pool or Archery Centre
  • Take a bike ride (bring your bike)
  • Or, just relax in your lodge taking in a film, or read a good book


If you fancy Going Active, our fun Instructors Konor and Corey are ready to guide you safely through Go Pro Activities.

Whatever you decide, we hope you have an enjoyable stay and go home feeling refreshed and re-energised.



Relax – Have Fun

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