If you want a challenge, this is the sport for you.  

We cater for all abilities and ages, so don’t be concerned if you have not tried previously.  

All sessions are run by our qualified activity instructors Konor and Corey. Options:

  • Archery:  Quicks Clubmaster Junior and Trainer bows with varying draw weights firing aluminium arrows with fletchings.
  • Crossbows:  Petron crossbow strung to 40lb pull weight firing 17″ aluminium bolts.
  • Rifles:  Weihrauch HW 57 precision air powered underlever air rifle firing pellets.

We run regular sessions of family and target archery, as well as crossbows and rifle shooting.

For those that are up for a fun group ‘challenge‘ we run a combi session and the session champion gets to aim at an exploding target. Why not challenge your friends, family or other guests staying at the Park to find your winner!

Air rifles are only provided on a few holiday parks and is thus an opportunity not to be missed. We have a range of challenging targets to aim at.


Relax and Have fun!

Start to plan your short break, by viewing some of the sections of our website below.